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July 2018 - LadderDIP IV Embedded PLC Module
LadderDIP 4 is an innovative controller module based on an ARM(R) Cortex-M3 100Mhz 32 bits processor with 100 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) peak performance. This core module will allow you to build complete PLC (Programmable Logic Control) systems to fit your companies needs using the remarkable power and simplicity of our LADDER language as the PLC programming language

Link:  http://www.microshadow.com/web3/ld4.html

Genuary 2012 - Embedded Artist's LPCXpresso Support
MicroSHADOW Research is currently working on the porting of its LadderWORK software (ARM Version) on the Embedded Artists's LPCXpresso LPC1769 board

Link:  http://www.microshadow.com/lw_lpcxpresso1769.php

September 2008 - Announcing LadderDIP(R)
LadderDIP Is an innovative Embedded Module programmable in LADDER language. 16 Inputs and 16 Outputs are available with 24K of user code.
Download LadderDIP II(R) Flyer

Link:  http://www.microshadow.com/files/ladderdip/ld2.jpg

September 2007 - Announcing HomePLC(R) and LadderHOME(R)
HomePLC is the world's first LADDER Programmable PLC for DOMOTIC Applications
These new products was developed after an agreement with the new partner Net Building Automation (http://www.netbuildingautomation.it/)

Link:  http://www.ladderhome.it/

LadderWORK Automation Software
LadderWORK is the first Ladder/Relay logic compiler for embedded systems. It can generate code for any 8051 core.

QTP12 Programmable Logic Controller with int. Operator Panel
QTP12 is a general purpose industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) . Main features are:
ATMEL AT89C51AC2 CPU 16Mhz, 24K User Program Memory, 2K RAM, Integrated Operator Panel
Easy programming using LadderWORK software

GPC553 General Purpose Controller
GPC553 is a general purpose industrial programmable logic controller (PLC).
80C552CPU@22Mhz, 32KRAM, 24C04E2P, RS232, 32K NVM
Easy programming using LadderWORK software


LadderWORK FAQ(s)
LadderWORK Frequently Asked Questions now available

The Debug Store
The on-line store of Great Western Microsystems Ltd

LadderWORK discussion group
Discussion group for LadderWORK automation software is now available at Yahoo
Join now and keep updated!!

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