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Company overview
MicroSHADOW Research was founded in 1993 by a team of people with a great experience in electronics design (more than ten years during company startup).
MicroSHADOW Research reserves most of its resources developing electronics systems and software for the embedded market. Our primary products are PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) normally based on 8051 cores and, in general, products related with automation area.
Since 1997 MicroSHADOW Research is developing and improving LadderWORK automation software.
LadderWORK is the first Ladder/FBD compiler for embedded systems and allow you to create a PLC with a simple 8051 core. Our goal is to adapt LadderWORK for many Embedded/PLC boards manufatured by different companies.
In these years many of our time was spent to supply electronic and software design/consulting service. We designed a great number of devices, from little electronics devices to very complex military systems.
MicroSHADOW Research applications area
Embedded electronic system design service normally based on the following families of microprocessor/microcontroller: 80x86,Z80,HC08,HC16,Mitsubishi 33700,V25,68xxx,8051, ATMEL AVR,Texas MSP430,ARM7,PIC
Embedded firmware programming using C,C++,Fortran,PL/M,Assembler,Forth, Pascal and so on...
Analog and digital electronic systems design. We designed a great number of products: military and commercial products.
PLD/FPGA design service. Normally we design FPGA(s) with XILINX(R) and ALTERA(R) products
Data acquisition systems;
DOS/Windows/Linux Programming using C,C++,ASSEMBLER
Complete "turn-key" design
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