Would you build a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) supported by LadderWORK Software?


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Build a programmable logic controller (PLC) supported by LadderWORK software


Brief presentation of LadderWORK
LadderWORK is the easiest way to create automation control programs. Use of LadderWORK is immediate. With the use of the mouse only, you simply place functional objects in your worksheet , connect the components with wires and configure the components property. Microprocessor assembler code will be generated at the simply push of the BUILD button. LadderWORK software integrate a powerful schematic editor with multi view feature and context-sensitive help.LadderWORK's generated code is really efficent. Microprocessor's assembly code it's directly generated by the compiler so no other instructions charge will affect your result ( NO 'C' SOURCE GENERATED AND COMPILED PROCESS ). In this way with LadderWORK you always are sure to obtain the best size & speed optimized code.A great number of build-in functional components are ready to be placed in your project. LadderWORK software includes a standard set of LADDER DIAGRAM (RELAY LOGIC) devices and a set of extra components, like pure-logical ports and user-programmable functions. Full ADVANCED version includes over 30 devices : input/output devices, relays, d-type flip flops, debouncers, clock generators, delay lines, up/down counters, comparators, fifo/lifo queues, A/D & D/A converters, and/or/not logical ports and user programmable functions.Ladder standard language is strongly rigid. Components must be forced in predeterminated cells along two rails called rungs. Moreover Ladder standard language has great limitations about feedback connections. LadderWORK broken these limitations introducing the first free schematic ladder diagram. LadderWORK includes a powerful schematic editor. Components can be placed anywhere and there isn't limitation on feedback connections. LadderWORK schematic is more similar to an electrical circuit. Moreover LadderWORK includes extra components like logical ports and flip-flops so if you are well-versed in boolean logic you can approach your problem using this traditional notation. LadderWORK is remarkably intuitive ! With LadderWORK you haven't to know nothing about assembler, interrupts or hardware architectures. All you have to do is think your project as a electrical scheme where you have to disposition switches, relays and lamps. Switches means inputs, lamps means outputs and relays gives the way to create states and elementary memory cells. Many problems related to control automation can be resolved in few minutes using LadderWORK.
What's our goal
We intend to adapt LadderWORK for many and many embedded microcontroller boards, produced by different companies. We contacted many companies that produce embedded microcontrollers. Also LadderWORK could be used to develop small-automation programs on a single-chip.
( About this, we use the slogan : PUT A PLC INTO YOUR MICROCONTROLLER! ).
Now, the question is:
Are you interested to sell LadderWORK with your embedded controller boards? LadderWORK is ready for the 8051 microcontrollers but we intend to adapt LadderWORK for other micro families like Z80, ATMEL AVR and others. Adapting LadderWORK is quite easy due a language-driven intermediate P-CODE called HDW language. In the future we can extend LadderWORK to give self-customizable feature.
LadderWORK custom adapting terms
If you are interested to produce a programmable logic controller (PLC) using LadderWORK software, see the following conditions:

  • MicroSHADOW Research charges to your company the time it spends to adapt your board for LadderWORK using ( developing fee ) . For now, only boards build around 8051 core ( and derivative ) are taken in consideration.
  • Shipment and handling are charged to your company. ( When shipping material please add all the necessary informations like schematics and related material)

For further info e-mail to: sales@microshadow.com


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