USB to RS485 Converter/Adapter/Bridge


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BLM/1 - USB to RS485 Converter/Adapter/Bridge


BLM/1 is an USB to RS485 converter/adapter/bridge able to run in Half-duplex at a maximum speed of 115200 baud. Auto data direction feature (NO JUMPERS OR SWITCHES!). No power supply required, power is directly taken from the USB port. BLM/1 is the perfect product to interface any kind of industrial device (PLC/RTU/Data Loggers) with a regular PC. Looking for an easy RS485 interface for your PC? You found it!





Phisical Communication Interface
RS485 (Two Balanced Wires + Earth Ground Shield)
Auto RX/TX switching (No jumpers or switches)
1600V Insulation
Up to 115200 baud
PC Interface and connections
USB 2.0 (Drivers for Windows/Linux/Unix)
Power supply
No power supply required, directly taken from USB connector


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