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HomePLC - Domotic/Building Automation/Home Automation PLC


HomePLC is an innovative series of Domotic (Building Automation) programmable logic controller (PLC) based on a dual core architecture (One for communications and one for PLC). The system is expandable using the RS485 bus. A rich set of extensions and I/O modules are available and ready to be used.

HomePLC is available in standards 503 or Din Rail mounting. Connections are simple and intuitive. What you need is just a 12DC power supply and a cable to connect your bus.

HomePLC is supported by LadderHOME (R) software. This software suite allow you to program your HomePLC system using the remarkable simplicity of LadderWORK(R) engine. Complex dedicated function blocks (FB) are built for many problematics related to building automation area. More than 80 function blocks are available.

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Dual Core system with 20Mips peak performance
32K Ladder program memory
8KWord for PLC variables
3 x Relay Outputs (250V 2A)
1 x NPN Outputs (300mA)
4 x Opto Inputs (9-24 DC In)
-- none --
Communication and interfaces
2 x RS485
Other features
RTC - Real Time Clock
2KWord non volatile memory
Led monitoring for all I/O and communication state
DIN Rail or 503 standard
Easy programming using LadderHOME(R) Software (LADDER/FBD Programming Suite)


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