HomePLC Series 4xIn 4xOut Master Controller


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HomePLC Series 4xIn 4xOut Master Controller


This device allow you to extend the I/O capability of a HomePLC central unit adding 4 inputs(opto) and 4 outputs(relay). This module also, using the second dedicated channel, is the starting node (MASTER) for a long chain of slave modules that you can connect allowing you to hugely extend your building automation system.





  Phisical Communication Interface
2xRS485 (Two Balanced Wires + Earth Ground Shield)
4 Opto insulated inputs
4 Relay Outputs
Rotary decade switches for addressing
Dip switches to set communication parms (Speed and other features)
Communication Speed
Up to 115200 baud
Power supply
Din rail standard mounting
Other features
Led monitoring for all inputs, outputs and communication status


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